All is full of love is a site about the lives of 200 calendars.
It's about sharing love by going back to the creative source
of your 2011 calendar.
For the past five years Denitsa Boyadzieva has been lovingly
creating her clay&paper "walldolls" and featuring them on her blog.
Each with its own character and story… The PUNKT
graphic design studio loved her work and decided to feature
twelve of her dolls in a 2011 calendar. They really liked the result
and thought “why not track the life of each calendar…” Each calendar
received a number (from 1 to 200) and a unique code with which
you – the owner, can upload a picture of the calendar once hung in
its home – whether it be a living room, office, kitchen or the home
of a relative or a friend you gave the calendar to.
So there you have it - all calendars, made and given with love,
linked to the All Is Full of Love site. 1 of these 200 small windows
belongs to you and is waiting to be flung open and reveal the
whereabouts of your calendar.
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